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[[image:Fancy.JPG|frame|Fancy helix|left]]
{| border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" align="center"
[[image:Cylindre.JPG|frame|Cylindrical helix|center]]
|[[image:Fancy.JPG|frame|Fancy helix|center]]
[[image:default.JPG|frame|Default representation|right]]
|[[image:Cylindre.JPG|frame|Cylindrical helix|center]]
|[[image:default.JPG|frame|Default representation|center]]

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These are display settings.

These settings set the style in which cartoon helices are rendered. The default is a helix with an ellipsoid cross section. Fancy mode helices are ribbons with tubular edges à la MolScript. Cylindicial mode renders helices as solid cylinders.


To turn on Fancy Helices:

set cartoon_fancy_helices, 1

To turn on Cylindrical Helices:

set cartoon_cylindrical_helices, 1

To return to default helices:

set cartoon_fancy_helices, 0
set cartoon_cylindrical_helices, 0


Fancy helix
Cylindrical helix
Default representation