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|type      = plugin
|type      = plugin
|download  = https://github.com/agustinaarroyuelo/Azahar/archive/v0.7-beta.zip
|download  = https://github.com/agustinaarroyuelo/Azahar/archive/v0.7-beta.zip
|authors   = Agustina Arroyuelo and [[User:OsvaldoMartin|Osvaldo Martin]]
|author   = Agustina Arroyuelo and [[User:OsvaldoMartin|Osvaldo Martin]]
|license  = GPL
|license  = GPL

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Type PyMOL Plugin
Download https://github.com/agustinaarroyuelo/Azahar/archive/v0.7-beta.zip
Author(s) Agustina Arroyuelo and Osvaldo Martin
License GPL


Azahar GUI.

Azahar (pronounced /ɑːsɑːˈɑːr/) is a plugin that extends the PyMOL's capabilities to visualize, analyze and model glycans and glycoconjugated molecules.


The plugin have been tested on Linux and Windows and should also works on Mac Os X. To install the plugin just download this zip file and install it using the plugin manager.

Azahar can be used without any dependencies (i.e. you don't need to install anything else) but if you have installed OpenBabel (and OpenBabel Python bindings) Azahar will use it to perform certain calculations like optimize the geometry of your newly created molecule.

If you want to install OpenBabel on your computer (see instructions here).

Note to Windows users: If you are using a 64-bit Windows, please install OpenBabel 64-bit from here


Coming soon!

Change log

  • 2015-08-28 (Version 0.7)
    1. First beta version and first public version (several bugs expected!).