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Movie Making & the PyMOL GUI

For those people who prefer to use the mouse alot in PyMOL, this page is for you. The GUI is also quite useful for doing some basic utility functions like appending the rocking/rolling of a molecule in your movie.

Basic TK GUI

The basic TK GUI. Menu options are File, Edit, Build, etc.

Movie Menu

This image shows the movie menu in PyMOL.

The movie menu in PyMOL
The Movie->Append submenu
"Frame Rate" submenu

Scene Menu

For storing our scenes, we can issue the scene store command or mview store scene=sceneName command. You can also use the mouse and store/recall/clear scenes.

Scene Menu
Scene's Recall Submenu

This menu shows the first 12 scenes stored by F-key that you can recall (if they were stored). Please take note of the Buttons menu. This make a small menu of scenes in the lower left hand corner of your openGL screen. Very handy for roving through, moving around and switching to scenes.

Scene->Recall submenu

Mouse Menu

There is a new mouse mode called Three_Button_Motions. So we now have View->Edit-Motions as mouse modes. See Config_Mouse.

Mouse Menu

openGL GUI

Mouse Modes

If you've chosen Mouse->3 Button All Modes from the Tk GUI you can now access the new mouse modes by clicking on the mouse info panel in the lower righ of the openGL window. Click until the modes cycle through Edit->View->Motions->Edit->...

Motions Mode

In motions mode, if you click on all->M you get options for storing, clearing, smoothing, interpolating, etc the camera motions and positions.

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